Sunbury Press has been publishing books since 2004. We are a rapidly growing traditional publisher in a wide range of categories. We typically receive about 1000 proposals a year, selecting only 70 of them for publication (about 7%). We choose to invest only in those opportunities that we feel have the best chance in the marketplace. 

We publish our books under several category-focused imprints:

Sunbury Press = history, military history, biography, memoir, self-help, and other nonfiction categories

Milford House Press = historical fiction, murder mysteries, and other fiction categories

Brown Posey Press = literary fiction, poetry, the arts

Hellbender Books = horror, thriller, supernatural, steam punk, science fiction, fantasy

Ars Metaphysica = religion, spirituality, new age, paranormal, visionary fiction 

Distelfink Press = Pennsylvania Dutch/Germen culture

Oxford Southern = Educational, Medical, and Academic

Please DO NOT MAIL HARD COPY to us. We prefer electronic submissions.

Please do not call us about your proposal. We ask that you please leave our phone lines open for our ordering customers. You may follow the progress of your proposal via this submission site. The review process can be up to 8 months, depending on the category, the number of open submissions, and our needs. During this time you are welcome to submit your proposals to other publishers.

We are currently seeking manuscripts in the following fiction categories: historical, mystery, police procedural, espionage, adventure, detective, legal, urban, dystopian, horror, fantasy, and young adult.

 Submission Requirements 

  1. We are only interested in hearing from you after your manuscript is complete.
  2. Be sure to complete the entire submission form.
  3. Be sure to include your author biography or CV.
  4. At this stage, please submit at least 3 chapters from your manuscript.
  5. If illustrations or photos are to be included, please include samples. 
  6. We can only accept attachments in the following formats: PDF, Word, or ODT.
  7. REMEMBER to follow ALL form instructions (located next to the entry fields). If instructions are not followed, the proposal will be rejected. PLEASE read and follow ALL instructions.


Sunbury Press